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If Spongebob were humanhttp://best-of-imgur.tumblr.com


If Spongebob were human

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you are a celestial being

you are made of love and stardust 

and there is somebody that smiles every time they hear your name

you are precious 

please treat yourself kindly 

and remember that you are one of the universe’s few remaining treasures 

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For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love. Cite Arrow Carl Sagan, Contact (via misscannabliss)

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Marion  Fayolle (b. 1988, Ardèche, France) - 1: Naughty Train, 2013  2: The Moon, 2013  3: Illustration for the book History of O Grand Journal!, 2012  4: For Muze Magazine, 2012  5: For The New York Times, A Formula for Happiness article, 2013  6: Illustration For A Philosophical Novel, A Search Of His Soul, 2011  7: For The New York Times, The Diagnosis Of Mental Disorders, 2013

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